Posted by: nettas | March 1, 2009

Gift Cards

Gift Cards, originally uploaded by NettasNursery.

The purpose of a gift card is usually for a gift. But in the past it has been used for much more. We issue for weddings,birthdays,thank-yous, and funerals. Now that may seem strange to some people but especially at this time of year when the weather doesn’t allow much of a selection of product.

As soon as the weather breaks many families make an event of it to come to the nursery. They chose something very special for the person it is in memory of. it never fails to bring a bits of laughter of that persons likes and dislikes. It always leads to some funny story. I always feel honored to brought into the loop of good memories. At times it might even be not so good memories. It ‘s all part of the process of healing. Down the road I’ve watched families add to the garden,get married their with their loved one watching. Anything that aids in helping them heal is a good thing.

It gives new meaning to the gift that keeps on giving. It doesn’t always work out but I also try to pick something that usually blooms at the time of the death. An example early-mid June the peonies are in full bloom. One family chose a tree peony and every year as it blooms it’s like their spirit is there.

So many people forget you have other options.



  1. I totally agree with you. We usually try to plant a tree in honor of someone we love, or give a plant/tree as a gift. This spring we will be planting two very special memorials and I’m looking forward to picking them out, finding the perfect spot and watching them grow.

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