Posted by: nettas | March 11, 2009

Lewisia Long. ‘Little Plum’

One of my favorite things in the greenhouses is that whenever there is anything in bloom Den will always bring it up to the counter for me to enjoy. He’s such a sweetie that way! Today he found a few,Lewisia is a neat short plant that has the strange leaf. It almost makes you think it is in the succulent family but it is not. One plant flowers for a very long time as it has many buds on it. It only comes in this pretty pink,
I tell you what with this cold spell it is so nice to look at something pretty. It got so stormy before lunch we sent the girls home. Not that we didn’t have lots to do. Sometimes it feels better to be safe than sorry. We went up to the house for lunch and the doorbell rings. It was FedEx she dropped 6 boxes at the greenhouse but needed a signature. I give those gals a lot of credit it was darn right nasty out and she had a smile and said the other gal will drop the last 2 boxes because she didn’t have room in her van. Great job Penny, thanks!
Keep checking later to see what she brought me.


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