Posted by: nettas | March 13, 2009

Greenhouse #1

Greenhouse #1, originally uploaded by NettasNursery.

Take a good look at all this work. We figure there are about 12,000 plants in here (give or take a few hundred). I even got a few hanging baskets completed. The ivy geraniums take a long time to get going, so I do those guys first.

It sure is a good feeling to have this task completed. Now we wait for them to grow. Then we transplant into more combination planters (hanging and deck pots). We do about 1000 hanging baskets… some are moss and some are 12″ some are14″.

We do a lot of custom work. Right now, I have part of one greenhouse full with empty planters from customers. Lots of people bring them in at the end of the season. These are people that go south for the winter. They want them full and lush when they return to their cottage or home.

So we turn 1 1/2 greenhouses into what is termed as ” The Gated Community.” When we have it roped or gated and posted it drives people nuts that they can’t have what’s in there. Don’t they know, it’s  is so easy to qualify; just place an order or bring me your pots. The only requirement is all items have to be out of there before Memorial weekend (unless other arrangements are made). You pay as they go to their new homes. It is a win win situation. You end up with lush pots or even just certain plants you might want that quickly sell out. Annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs. You can put a hold on things too. Kind of like lay away. Please call for more information. 989-766-2299


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