Posted by: nettas | May 10, 2009

Working Instead of Sleeping

It’s 5:13 A.M. I’ve been awake for hours. I figured I might as well get up and get some work done. I have a huge project that I can’t start until Monday morning, so all night I’m planting 😦 If I don’t get enough rest I’ll be of no use to anyone!
This is what Spring does to both Den and I. We love it, your blood just gets pumping and it’s go, go, go.
The amount of new customers is unbelievable. So many questions, I don’t like to rush anyone but sometimes we forget it these people have never done this before. They are so unsure of themselves, with money tight they don’t want to waste a dime. In their shoes I would do the same. But when there is a line at the cash register, a line to speak to Den or I we tend to put it in fast speed. So folks please bear with us. We will try to answer every question and make the proper recommendation. There always is so many variables, sun, soil, light conditions….
I said it before we have 2 main complaints. 1) too much stuff to choose from 2) No vegetables ? So just get over it. I try to tell people to expect to spend at least an hour to just look around. We are not a drive through. ( Although on Friday Stac did have to carry hanging plants out to the road for a truck driver 🙂 ) We are all about customer service. We really try to fill whatever needs in your garden that we can.
It was brought to our attentions that many surrounding areas are now offering to plant your planters. Well just another feather in our hat we have been doing custom planters for 13 years. We are just so blessed with wonderful customers. The ones that are difficult WE WEED THEM OUT! Also a little riff about a price on an item, they can get it cheaper at a box store. Whatever, but I always wonder if it is the same size, same age, and a warranty ? We will never please everyone, we will just keep on weeding them out…
Darn these cold temperatures. 34 degrees when I got up. Not a good thing for annuals.
This Mothers Day we are going to our local K of C’s breakfast 2 of 3 of our children and all of grandchildren will join us as well as both our moms. What a great start to the day. We are open 11- 3 so we will be hopping. I can choose any restaurant I want, we need stuff from Alpena. We’ll see how the day goes, I don’t know what I’ll feel like by 3:00 P.M. So to all those Moms out there we honor you and if yours has passed you know you can always talk to them. God speed to all.


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