Posted by: nettas | May 18, 2009

Prayers and a Busy Week Ahead

Good morning friends. Well it has been quite a hard, busy, emotional few days. With the Lord’s help we made it through. Thanks to all of you that sent your prayers and thoughts our way. It is much appreciated. On with life. For those that didn’t know my niece lost her husband. The children are 10 and 12. She is a sweetie and the road ahead will have lots of bumps and curves. We need to remember the straight aways. The Lord will keep us under his wing.

Now to the business at hand. This is the busiest plant week of the year. We have been slammed all month but now will determine the prize. We do lots of custom pots and they are beauties. I have requested that everyone pick up their stuff before the weekend. Please call before you come so the girls can go through everything to assure that all your stuff is in tack. People don’t realize how much work my staff does to insure your beautiful plants. They are a great team but if you don’t call and have to wait don’t get huffy! We have 2 and half greenhouse full of saves product. It takes time to round everything up. Especially if you have both sun and shade stuff. They are in different areas. I had to laugh one person said no problem I’ll go get it myself. Ha, they wouldn’t know where to look. I don’t know where some stuff is. It’s not my job. We have someone in charge and believe me she know where everything is! So bear with us.

It was 21 degrees when I woke at 4:45 a.m. Darn I wish it would warm up. This weekend I thought it was October. Cold, wind, and rain 😦 It sure sounds like by Tuesday the temperature will turn around.

One of our staff members has a son getting married on the weekend. She will have off Friday through Monday. We are all keeping our fingers and toes crossed for beautiful weather. That does put us in a pinch but family and friends pull together. That’s what we do around here.

So if you made the cut for our gated community come get your items. They want to go home !!!!!!!!!!!


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