Posted by: nettas | May 22, 2009

Heavy babies

Heavy babies, originally uploaded by NettasNursery.

You never know what people will bring for me to plant. This pair of planters are as heavy as they look. We’ve been asked to come see where they hang, just haven’t made it out there yet. It’s on our list to do for the summer!

Things have been busy beyond what we could have expected. With the economy the way it is we just weren’t sure what to expect this year. I think it is true to say people are not traveling but staying home more.
So they are making sure it looks good. Nothing brightens up a patio or porch better that a pot of flowers. Also some are trying to sell so a little dab will do ya for curb appeal. So come on down to feast your eyes. I have been accused of having way to much eye candy around here 🙂
There are still lots pots to be picked up. If you have stuff on order please take it home. We will be short staff for the weekend due to one of our top girl’s son is getting married tomorrow. So help us out and take your babies home.
We have been so blessed and are grateful to all who have supported us.
See you soon 🙂


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