Posted by: nettas | June 1, 2009


Peony, originally uploaded by NettasNursery.

The white peony are so nice to use in wedding bouquets. They add fragrance and elegance. I also like to put lilac buds for a cool texture.
Well it’s raining again this morning, sure makes things easier for all the stuff outside. No watering out there! The inside customers don’t like the cool temperatures so you can’t please everyone. We will continue to move the perennials about. They are so happy to have some room. I swear some of them grew an inch just by spreading them out. YEAH!
We hope to take tomorrow off, our staff has been so good so we leave things in good hands. 31 days of lots of long intense hours leaves me no guilt to relax one day. The sad part is we have to leave our home to get a break. Life is good and we will make the best of it.
A dear friend of ours is going through a bad patch of stuff with her son that is ill. Please I ask for prayers for her family.


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