Posted by: nettas | September 9, 2009


Progress, originally uploaded by NettasNursery.

Well the first boards went up today. As I said progress is very slow when there are many interruptions. Which is ok because that means Den is busy with customers and making money! You get my drift…
The weather has been breath taking. With all this nice sun the foot traffic has been great. Yesterday the first sales rep was in. That’s right many orders have to be completed before the end of the month for 2010. The sound of 2010 seems so distant. It’s a reality check, if you don’t order early you get zero in new products. I try to saver the moment. I feel like Christmas shopping when I have to make all these choices. You know “Will the customer like it? Will it fit into their color scheme?” So many choices, so little time! This is when you wish you had a crystal ball to know what will sell. We have been on top of things for so many years that we just trust our instincts to go forward. If it’s funky, unusual, colorful, and we like it it is usually a go. Keep your fingers crossed for all the right decisions:)
Oh, yea lots of smiles from customers for the 20% off sale. Come on down folks 🙂 🙂 🙂


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