Posted by: nettas | September 12, 2009


Welcome, originally uploaded by NettasNursery.

This is what you call ” The dog days of summer”. Yes, that’s Belle just laid back waiting to greet all the customers. She is such a ham, she lives a very charmed life. This beautiful weather has in tail spin, do I go for a swim in the pond, lay under the big maple trees, or just sun myself? Such decisions!
Our Potato Festival started yesterday and the foot traffic was real nice. We got our fall shipment in from Bailey’s Nursery from St Paul, MN, it was 880 pieces! Not everything got put away so excuse the mess. Just to busy making money 🙂
We have had an awesome year selling many types of product. It is quite a toss up as to the front runner. Between the trees and hydrangeas it has been great. Got in over 200 hydrangeas and they look fabulous. So come on down!
We will be leaving on Sunday for a much needed rest. We are celebrating 37 years of marriage. I still feel like a bride 🙂 Sounds like the weather will be just perfect for any outdoor activity. Sooo… take the time to enjoy 🙂


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