Posted by: nettas | September 26, 2009

Greenhouse # 6

Greenhouse # 6, originally uploaded by NettasNursery.

So sorry I’ve been behind in posting. We have been busy which is a good thing. In between jobs, customers, and watering Den has found time to get all the rafter up on the new greenhouse. All 25 of them are up. The first of the end wall polls are in the ground. He will be ready to order supplies for the end walls next week. He wanted to have plastic on by October 1 but we’ll have to move that deadline up a tad. It’s ok; to be having the foot traffic we’ve had is so sweet. Our 20% off sale is going well. It feels so good when a customer says “I just love your trees and with the sale we always take an extra one ! ” Yeah 🙂 So come on down we don’t mind if you inspect the new project. We had a group of high school kids from Onaway come to check out our greenhouses. They were fortunate enough to get a grant to put one up. Den was very impressed with some of their questions and concerns. Good luck to all of them. It so nice to see an interest in going green in any form. Hope all have a great weekend.


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