Posted by: nettas | November 2, 2009

End wall of new greenhouse.

End wall of new greenhouse., originally uploaded by NettasNursery.

After waiting for 3 months for supplies things finally arrived last Monday. So what happens we had commitments for jobs on the nice days and the rest it just poured rain. We had the sheets of Polygal covered with large poles. Well Friday night with the strong winds we had they all went for a ride! It was actually scary going out at 11:30 at night and trying to pick them all up and put more heavy stuff on top so it wouldn’t happen again. We got it done and with only minimal damage. Praise the Lord it could have been very costly. Den has been trying to get everything else he can done so the first calm day we can put the plastic on. Looks like maybe this weekend it will be a little nicer. I tell you what I sure miss the sun:)
My orders are coming in quite nicely for Christmas wreaths. I am ready to work inside out of the rain. My white pine hasn’t been delivered yet so as soon as that arrives I’m be the wreath maker. I only use white pine and cedar in all my Christmas wreaths. I like to use grain for prosperity, yellow yarrow to represent sunny wishes for the New Year and lots of cones and red berries. Then you have a choice of bow. We ship all over the United States. I write the address in calligraphy so it makes quit a showy statement. When I get the first order ready to go I show ya !
Stay warm and dry 🙂


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