Posted by: nettas | January 18, 2010


Amarylis, originally uploaded by NettasNursery.

To start off the year we always do gifts of Amaryllis. we get them in around Thanksgiving time and give to both our Moms, our workers and a few friends. Well this year somehow I forgot to order them 😦 When I finally got around to it it was late. I could only get 20 of them and a customer wanted 10 so that only left me 10. So to those that didn’t get any this year. I will try to remember next year to be on top of things. My big plan was to plant and show you guys the progress. This is my first post. As you can see 2 large flowers the tallest one should be open by the weekend. So as soon as it appears you’ll get the pictures.
I have been cleaning the file cabinet of 2009 making way for 2010. I just can’t believe some of the crap I save. Used envelopes,torn papers,junk mail… Well I was in the mode and it’s all gone! YEAH!!
Amazing how more room I now have. With a little sunshine today I’m heading out to the greenhouses to continue cleaning up. It’s a big job but I’m trying little by little each day to get some of it done.
Another big job is working on this diet. Den and I agree 30 # has got to go for each of us!


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