Posted by: nettas | January 22, 2010


Foodie, originally uploaded by NettasNursery.

I’m not even sure this is a word! FOODIE, that’s what I feel like at this point. I am the fattest healthy person you could know! Honestly we eat very healthy, we both love fruits and veggies but the portion thing gets us every time. You know when you work hard you want to eat. Fact, end of explanation. So we are working extra hard on you seeing less of us.
Den has the solution… buy bigger clothes 😦 He will help me out today. We are going to replace the plastic on greenhouse #5. It is about 5 years old so it doesn’t owe us a thing. This time we are going to go with a double layer of plastic and see how things go. So I will be outdoors most of the afternoon, away from food.
Getting lots of calls on product and orders. I was going through invoices to get a count for pots and just got so excited about spring. We are trying a number of new companies so we will many new items. It feels like preparing for Christmas! Enjoy the Sunshine 🙂


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