Posted by: nettas | January 23, 2010

Greenhouse #6

Greenhouse #6, originally uploaded by NettasNursery.

This our new baby. Den has been working in all types of weather to get things in shape. This is a used greenhouse. Let me start from the top. We keep saying “No more greenhouses!” The fact of the matter is we just keep running out of room. Our custom pot portion of our business is so successful that we just plain run out room in the spring. That has to be my favorite part to design other people’s containers. I have so darn much fun that the time flies and it truly doesn’t fell like work! We had this very large old barn. Now to set the record straight I love old barns. They have so much character, it was quite a decision to take it down. It needed a new roof badly. It was a very tall hay barn. We just didn’t need anything that tall and we were worried that a good wind storm and it would be on top our house! So for 2 weeks Den disassembled it. Now bare in mind Den doesn’t like to waste anything. So he did it in a manner that he saved most of the lumber. We have some beautiful old timbers. Some are for sale! So if you know of anyone in need send them our way. He does plan to build a potting shed (someday!). Once the site was prepared he moved to the site where the greenhouse was. With the help of Jenny and Stacey they completely disassembled that greenhouse, hauled it home, unloaded all materials. We were busy finishing up fall plant projects so whenever he had a minute he was working on putting up this new to us greenhouse. So here it is January 23rd and the finishing touches on the benches are in play. He does such a nice job what he is doing in this photo making sure there are no staples,nails, or wire sticking out. It really does a number on your jeans or legs when there is anything sticking out. You can also see in the front I have started putting my year old perennials in there new home. This will a perennial house so plants can freeze for the winter. It does have a furnace so when we don’t want it to freeze we’ll crank up the heat.. The aisles are very narrow in here to maximize space. The plan is to keep one of the main greenhouse with a few of each and the overflow will go in #6. That makes way for way more space in the greenhouses for my containers and annuals. It ‘s a matter of keeping only certain greenhouses at a higher heat. You will just have to come and see !


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