Posted by: nettas | March 8, 2010

Greenhouse #5

Greenhouse #5, originally uploaded by NettasNursery.

This morning Den, our daughter Stacey and her husband Cory got the plastic on greenhouse #4. What a relief that is, we had all our extra soil in there and with it being so cold at night we didn’t want it to freeze. So they also got things rolling for changing out greenhouse #5. It also needed new plastic bad. Got everything set to go and wouldn’t you know it the wind picked up and we knew we had to wait to complete that task. It will be such a relief to get that done. The nice thing about the plastic is it should last 4-6 years 🙂
We got 52 flats of plugs planted, we are moving along and making great progress. I got 50 some hanging baskets out of the way. We hope to get all the annuals done tomorrow because on Thursday we have another truck load due in. Friday UPS and FedEx delivers more perennials. We should be able to keep busy till next easy.
Just loving these warm 50 degree temperatures. The snow is melting but it just seems to be hanging on for way to long. Listen to me, this is early March you know we still have more to come!


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