Posted by: netta2 | March 4, 2011

Lenten Rose/Hellobores

Lenten Rose/Hellobores, originally uploaded by NettasNursery.

This little honey came to us from Nebraska. That’s right it came in flowering just as you see it; It is stunning! This company is called BlueBird Nursery. I love their pun “If it grows here it will grow anywhere!” So we order from them every year. They have some things we just can’t seem to find anywhere else. Especially the prairie plants, things are drought tolerant. It’s a nice company and “Yes, we pay freight through the nose. But when you have a flavor for unusual you go to many lengths to “Just do it!”
Yesterday morning we had a few flats from one company today at 5 o’clock we had 5 orders all come in within a 4 hour period. Ya just don’t know what to expect around here. So on Monday the girls will be all fired up to plant up a storm.
If you want a little of spring fling come on down, no charge for a looky!!! šŸ™‚


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