Posted by: nettas | April 15, 2012

Grow Show 2012

Well another year in at the Apex Center over in Alpena. What a great day it was. The weather co-operated just right. We had a very colorful booth. Thanks to Stacey and Rick for picking out the goodies to take. We tried to take all things that were in flower. I really thing the people appreciated that. Eye candy is always a hit. Our butter fly was touched by one and all. We want to thank all the people that stopped by to say hi. We really appreciate you taking the time to see what we have growing. We also met many new faces, which is always a good thing. It still amazes me how many people have not been out yet. So please if you missed out on the show come on out for the real thing. The nursery is open 9-5 Monday through Saturday. Bring smiles 🙂



  1. Hi Netta looking forward to this Sat I bought 4 tickets @ Art in the loft I’m bringing my Mom & two other girls who help me in my Garden of Dreams It’s my Moms 79th birthday I’m trying to make it a special day for her as she was just found out she has breast cancer( (: we’ll fill her b-day with flower which she loves looking forward to it see you Sat Connie from Connie’s Cafe

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