Posted by: netta2 | January 13, 2013

Mixing cement in January!

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Sweet! Can’t beat that, this warm weather surge feel so nice. Praise the Lord. Thanks to Cory, Stacey, & Jacob for giving up a Saturday to help us out. The funny thing about a remodel job is everything else looks bad…so clean,clean,clean. Every day means one day closer to fresh plants. Life is good 🙂

Posted by: netta2 | January 13, 2013

Secret Santa gift

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I participated in Irish fireside secret santa program. It was great got a nice t-shirt,book, and elv. Thank you so much.

Posted by: netta2 | December 29, 2012

Winter Arrangement

Winter Arrangement, originally uploaded by NettasNursery.

A customer requested I turn these old skates and sled into a winter arrangement. I love how they turned out!

Posted by: nettas | May 16, 2012

Plant a Cure Days SUCCESS

What a weekend! We were slammed all weekend. So happy to see all the great surviors, many great stories of very brave people. These guys made you feel like you don’t have any health issues. Life is good we have no problems… We were so happy to send to each organization a check for $600.00 Thanks for the generous donations from one and all. Not to mention a lot of plants found new homes, made a ton of new friends and many people said ” I’ll be back!” Friends Together and Alpena Cancer Center rock ! 🙂

Posted by: nettas | May 11, 2012

Plant a Cure Days :)

We are so pleased to announce we are supporting Friends Together and Alpena Regional Cancer Cancer in cause to help all people. This weekend we are donating 10% of the profits to be shared with both of these fine organizations. So if you need any plants come on down and you’ll be helping a great cause. God bless all those surviors and all the care givers. Keep on trucking guys we have your back. 🙂

Posted by: nettas | May 6, 2012

Week before the Event !

We are gearing up for a fabulous week. The week before Mother’s Day is always busy,busy,busy. We have lots of cool hanging baskets that are begging for new homes. Everything has grown so nice with all the great sunlight. This Mother’s Day will be extra special. For the 1st time we are featuring “Plant a Cure Days” 10 % of the profits and donations will be accepted with all proceeds going to the Alpena Regional Cancer Center and Friends Together. 2 very special places in our area that are a great help for our cancer patients,surviors,and family of care givers. We hope to boost their bank account so they can continue to give to our community. I hope to get some photos posted before the week is out. See ya soon. Monday through Saturday 9-5 Sundays in May 11-3 Have a great day 🙂

Posted by: nettas | April 29, 2012

May 1st

Just around the corner and before you know it May 1st, 2012. Wherever did April go? We are so hoping that the night time temperatures warm up. This frost every night makes for some chilly plants. We are full to the ceiling, for real. Plants are growing so nice that we just keep raising them up to make more room. If you like to reserve any annuals now is the time to do it. We are sold out of a few varieties and the geraniums are going fast. It would please my heart to say “Sorry we’re all sold out!” For the month of May we open 9-5 daily and Sundays 11-3. For us there will never be enough hours in a day but we just keep on trucking. Please stop to say in to say hi and get a green fix. You won’t be sorry, we don’t charge for eye candy. Have a great week!

Posted by: nettas | April 15, 2012

Grow Show 2012

Well another year in at the Apex Center over in Alpena. What a great day it was. The weather co-operated just right. We had a very colorful booth. Thanks to Stacey and Rick for picking out the goodies to take. We tried to take all things that were in flower. I really thing the people appreciated that. Eye candy is always a hit. Our butter fly was touched by one and all. We want to thank all the people that stopped by to say hi. We really appreciate you taking the time to see what we have growing. We also met many new faces, which is always a good thing. It still amazes me how many people have not been out yet. So please if you missed out on the show come on out for the real thing. The nursery is open 9-5 Monday through Saturday. Bring smiles 🙂

Posted by: netta2 | April 1, 2012


Pom-Poms, originally uploaded by NettasNursery.

Stop and by see these babies, they are hanging out at the pond waiting for a new home 🙂

Posted by: netta2 | April 1, 2012

New babies.

New babies., originally uploaded by NettasNursery.

Please stop by and visit our new additions to the family. They come from Bountiful Farms in Oregon. Feel free to introduce yourself so they will feel welcomed 🙂 🙂 🙂

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